Air Brake Endorsement Course Class "Z"

Next Air Brake Course:   13-14 May 2017

We provide the Ministry of Transportation approved Air Brake Endorsement Course in cooperation with Ontario Safety League certified instructor Kevin Fuller.

Kevin Fuller
Kevin Fuller, who worked for the TTC for many years, is one of the best Air Brake instructors in Ontario. TIR Truck Driving School is proud to have him as our staff member and Air Brake Endorsement teacher since 2003.
He is a professional who not only understands the Air Brake system but knows how to pass the knowledge onto others. Kevin also works for Drive Test testing new drivers for "G2" and "G" class licenses. His exceptional instruction techniques and good sense of humor help make the Air Brake system easy to learn and remember.

The Air Brake "Z" Endorsement Course includes:

12 hours of classroom and hands-on instruction (2 days)
Air Brake Endorsement manual
Two attempts at the written test
Two attempts at the practical test on the vehicle
(a second test can only be taken after 72 hours if unsuccessful)
Air Brake Endorsement Certificate

Price: 280$.

Air Brake Foundation
Air Brake Foundation
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       Air Brake Chamber    Price for the Course  includes Air Brake  Endorsement manual

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